​​​Wealden Complementary Therapies

​Massage and Reflexology

Worplace Massage has many benefits for both employees and employers.

Workplace massage is performed in the workplace in a seated postion and the massgage given through clothing.

Workplace massage is beneficial for both employees and employers.

For employers workplace massage can:                                    For employess workplace massage can:

​Reduce absenteeism                                                                      Reduce aches and pains

Reduce work related stress levels                                                  Reduce headaches

Increase morale                                                                              Increase range of movement

Boost productivity                                                                           Increase focus

Reduced pressure on occuaptional health service                         

Up to 75% of health conditions are caused by or exassabated by stress. Regular massage can assist to reduce this significantly.

Workplace massage is available in Kent and London.

Up to 16 staff can be treated in a day, with 20 minute appointments per staff member. For further details please email with details of location.